How can I help HYC to reach more children who want to learn to swim and sail?

There are several ways to help support the HYC Foundation.

You can volunteer for upcoming events by emailing us at

You can make a contribution online by clicking HERE.

You can make an in-kind contribution.  For example, a boat we could use in the sail program. Donations in kind are subject to review and acceptance by the HYC Foundation. The deployment of equipment donated in kind will be through a contractual lease arrangement with HYC as a vendor in the delivery of the program.  If you would like to make an in kind contribution, please email us at

Opti Class setting out for some racing practice

These students are heading out from the club, accompanied by a coach in the red RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) to cross the channel into Lewis Bay for some practice races. Buoys will be set to create a race course, and the students line up at the starting line listening for the coach’s whistle signals to tack to windward across the line, around the windward mark and back to the finish. After the practice race the coach will give each student encouragement, discuss ways to sail just a little faster, and then have everyone try again. At the end of the practice session, the students sail back to the club, de-rig their boats and help each other to load them onto the storage racks ready for the next day’s practice. Maybe they’ll be off to another club for an inter-club regatta where they can show them how excellent HYC sailors are. Sail fast, kids!