2023 Giving Campaign!

The HYC Foundation, which directly supports the Youth Program at HYC, has begun its 2023 giving campaign.  Please consider a tax-deductible donation before the end of the year. Your donations help support the Youth Program as it looks to improve for the 2024 season.  Click HERE for more information.

About the HYC Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is to provide instructional methods designed to promote not only a basic understanding of sailing and swimming but also a developmental path toward safety, self- sufficiency, proficiency, and mastery for individuals of all ages presenting at differing levels along the path toward mastery. Active and passive learning strategies will be employed to promote understanding of concepts, development of analytical skills, awareness and understanding of external influences, implementation of safety protocols, use of technology, problem solving, and leadership characteristics.

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The purpose of the Foundation is to promote, develop, maintain, and oversee a sailing and swim school; to engage in the promotion and development of sailing and swimming activities; and to develop and engage in educational instructional and educational activities and programs related to sailing and swimming in the Town of Barnstable and surrounding communities.

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2023 Accomplishments
* Met the 2023 Annual Fund financial goal
* Provided 5 scholarships to the youth swim/sail program
* Purchased 1 Quest new sailboat
* Purchased 1 perviously owned Laser sailboat
* New Laser sailboat with land dolly donated by One Design
* 2 previously owned Laser sailboats donated by Norm MacLean and John Kettlewell
* 1 Opti sailboat with land dolly donated by Gadkowski family
* 3 New sailing wings donated (anonymous)
* “Friendraiser” featuring Tom Duggan, Chief Race Officer of Tokyo Olympics
* 1st Annual “Scholarfish” Tournament
* 25 fishing poles donated by West Marine Hyannis
* Garnered Countless donations from area business and private donors

2024 Primary Goals
* Increase the availability of swim/sail scholarships from 5 to 10
* Implement collaboration with Sea Scouts
* Expand participation in the 2024 Scholarship Tournament
* Provide additional boats and gear to enhance the Swim/sail program
* Provide swim team with racing suits
* Purchase a trailer to move Laser sailboats


2022 Donors

Board of Directors:

Randall W. Wallin, President
William Pezzoni, Vice President
Mary Ellen DeFrias, Treasurer
Richard McMahon, Clerk
Mark Carey, Director
Mary Kate Mezzetti, Director
Jennifer Parrella, Director


A Message from the Hyannis Yacht Club Foundation

Dear HYC Foundation Supporter,

The HYC Foundation has had an extraordinarily successful past twelve months.  In keeping with our mission “to promote, develop, maintain and oversee a sailing and swim school” the Foundation has allocated funds to offer six scholarships to children in our surrounding community to participate free of charge in the sail/swim program. We also purchased a Quest sailboat for beginners, a Laser sailboat for more advanced sailors and a trailer to transport the Lasers. A new 2023 Laser and dolly and a Skittle sailing Pram was donated to the HYCF, as well as a previously sailed Laser for a total of five boats.

The Foundation sponsored its first Scholarfish Tournament in July.  This event was an overwhelming success with over fifty children participating in a “catch and release” youth segment of the event and nine offshore boats with four or five anglers per boat for the adult blue and striped bass division. Countless parents and grandparents witnessed their young anglers fishing off the main T, followed by an outdoor barbecue on the patio.  This wildly fun event occurred as a result of donations by individuals as well as local businesses, and many, many volunteers who donated countless hours before, during and after the event.

Additionally, the Hyannis Yacht Club graciously held a Casino Night to benefit the Foundation over Memorial Day Weekend.  This popular event attracted over 150 participants who enjoyed a “Roaring Twenties” event.

Through the efforts of several volunteers we have launched our website! Our address is www.hyannisyachtclubfoundation.org  Please visit us for additional Foundation information.

As we continue our mission “to develop and engage in instructional and educational activities and programs” we need your help. Running a premier Sailing School and Swim program takes significant capital.  Your donation, in any amount, will help us further our mission and reach our goals.  Please consider supporting the program by making a donation prior to December 31, 2023 to take the tax benefit in 2023.  Together we can inspire a future generation of swimming and sailing enthusiasts.

Randall W. Wallin, President